We have extensively travelled throughout Thailand and tried to pick up the best of the Thai techniques from industry experts and trainers. With in-depth learning of Thai herbs, their benefits, the use of medicinal herbs in our massage therapies, we have recreated the best possible version of Thai treatments in Singapore. With consistent massage quality, and the no-push sale objective, we have reached the top ranking spas in Singapore in a span of just 3+ years, and expanded to 3 premium locations – Suntec City, Raffles City and Plaza Singapura, with its umbrella spa brand operating with its expertise over 15 years.

We have set out to bring to the world the goodness of the 2500 years old massage techniques which were primarily practiced by Buddhist monks in Thailand, with it’s roots of origin in India. Massage can be extremely beneficial for your overall health- emotional as well as physical health. We want you to understand that just like exercising and the right diet is important for your overall wellbeing, regular sessions of massage is equally vital and needs to be a part of your daily lifestyle. Massage is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Even though Thai massage is our Signature service and the reason of our Brand’s existence, we still have a variety of massage and services in our spa menu to cater to the vast audience from different parts of the world who visit our spa. Some of those treatments include Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Couple Spa treatments, Body scrubs, etc to name just a few.

* It helps you relieve stress and eases anxiety

* It improves your mobility and flexibility

* Thai Massage Energizes you

* It helps in reducing back pain, joint pain, and headaches

* Eases migraine headaches

The Beat the Heat package is one of the most loved spa treatment at The Thai Spa. Guests love to get their skin exfoliated in the 30mins body scrub with a detoxifying and relaxing massage of 60 mins/90mins.

The Thai Spa is very different from the other spas in Singapore in terms of look and feel and also the experience. We try to serve the most authentic Thai treatments and Thai wellness experience in Singapore. As soon as you enter, you will get to feel the warmth of a traditional Thai ambiance, soothing instrumental music, warm wooden flooring, warm soothing lights, relaxing and aromatic essential oils, clean service rooms with private shower facility, fresh set of disposable bed sheets used before each therapy, hygienic spa amenities and environment, and most importantly, highly trained and skilled Thai therapists. The spa treatment ends with a detoxifying ginger honey tea, which is complimentary.

Thai massage is also known as “Assisted Yoga” which is a combination of Yoga postures and stretches, along with Ayurvedic techniques, acupressure and compression. If you relax and have trust in our therapists, we ensure that the massage will not be a painful session at all, instead you will leave highly energized and relaxed at the same time.

Traditional Thai massage is practiced dry, without oil, wearing loose comfortable clothing. However, we do provide Thai therapies with oil as well, if you love the oil based massages. We do have fusion massages as well and if you are keen to try few of the Thai stretches, but want to stick to some other massage type, you can always inform the manager who can instruct the therapist to incorporate some Thai massage techniques along with your chosen therapy.

Yes, we do have many spa packages for every special occasion, from bridal’s hen nights to celebrating birthdays. Each Spa Package is catered to make that special day memorable. Also, if you want to buy a multiple session package at a better priced offering, you can connect with us as well for further details.

Our multi session spa packages do not have any expiry date

Yes, they can, however, only upon approval from you either by messages/ Whatsapp /email from your registered number.

Yes, you may request based on your past treatments or referral. Whilst we will try and accommodate your request, we are unable to guarantee the availability of any particular spa therapist. All of our spa therapists are professionally trained by our Thai trainer to ensure your comfort at all times.

We have a variety of body therapies, foot therapies, face/ head/ neck/ shoulder massage therapies catering to different requirements. For detailed understanding on the type of massage best suited for you, check out the service section of our menu.

We do not really believe in enticing our guests with a first trial offer by providing excellent services during the trial and not maintaining the services standards consistently. Instead we aim to provide the best therapies throughout. 

However, if you are looking for some benefits regarding the pricing, you can opt for our Weekday promotion of 60mins body therapy @$79 only (Monday to Thursday)

Yes, we do sell physical as well as online or e-gift vouchers with a wide range to choose from. If you want to gift a particular service to your loved one, you can choose from any of our services from our service section. Alternatively, you can choose value gift vouchers from our GV section too.

Our spa vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of issue of the voucher.

We accept Cash/ Debit/ Credit Cards/ Paypal/ Paynow/ KrisPay/ Bank transfers.