Rejuvenating serenity: Indulging in the Art of Facial Massage at The Thai Spa, Singapore

Enter a realm of tranquility and replenishment at The Thai Spa in Singapore, where a symphony of skilled touch, aromatic oils, and soothing melodies elevate the humble facial massage into an art form. Allow yourself to be swept away by our therapists' nimble fingers as they expertly navigate the contours of your visage, reviving tired skin and awakening your senses.

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A woman getting a thai facial

Thai Detox Facial - 60 minutes - 98 S$
(Detox + Brightening)

Featuring the blissful combination of warm stones and aromatic Thai herbs, experience the harmonious fusion of traditional Thai healing techniques and modern skincare, as our skilled therapists pamper your senses and restore your skin's natural radiance. Unwind in a tranquil oasis where the healing power of warm stones melts away tension, while the therapeutic properties of Thai herbs work wonders on your skin. Discover the perfect synergy of ancient wisdom and contemporary luxury with our Thai facials, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and glowing from within.