Soothing Whispers of Wellness: Discover the Magic of Ear Spa at The Thai Spa in Singapore

Experience an intimate auditory journey with our unique Ear Spa treatment. Our trained therapists use time-honored Thai techniques to stimulate pressure points around your ears, unleashing waves of relaxation and tranquility. Allow the warm, aromatic oils to gently cleanse your ear canals, fostering a sense of purity and serenity. The soft, calming whispers of traditional Thai music playing in the background will lull your mind into a peaceful reprieve from the outside world. As your session progresses, you'll find the cacophony of city sounds replaced by the soothing rhythm of your own heartbeat, an echo of inner peace.

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Ear Spa

Ear Spa - 68 S$

Duration: 30 minutes

The ear spa is a relaxing and therapeutic method of releasing head congestion due to sinusitis, allergies, colds, and flu and enables regulation of ear pressure.